06 Mar 5 Best Berlin Bike Cafés

The Germans have always had a penchant for nature. No wonder then that the culture of cycling in Berlin is more alive than ever and that every year new slices of the public join this movement, from youth subcultures to families, from companies who choose the bicycle as a mean of transport for carrying and home delivery to those who just enjoy their free time just riding along the streets of the city of “The Wall”.

In an area where bike rentals really grow exponentially – we counted over 20 in two days of quick trips in the center of the German capital – there is another big trend that meets the favor and the pleasure of an increasingly wide audience. We’re talking about “Bike Cafés”.

How do they work? Easy aggregation points and refreshment, where you can grab a snack while drinking a cup of coffee or sipping a beer, before getting back in the saddle of your bike, Berlin Bike Cafès are pupubs built around the passion for cycling. They are also open to “pedestrians” that fill their rooms, increasingly fascinated by the products and the bike accessories market.

During our visit to the Berliner Fahrradshau we took some break and visited some of the most interesting bike cafes scattered around the city. Here is those you cannot miss!

Take a Brake Bike Café

Just outside of Kreuzberg, in the district of Bergmannkiez, Take a Brake is a warm and welcoming Bike Café that offers a real workshop to anyone who has the need to repair his vehicle independently, paying only the components necessary to fix it. But the temptation to stop for a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee often has the upper hand over most of the customers!

Kaffee Fahrrad Lokal A.Horn

Located just a few steps far from the Landwehr Canal, the canal that runs through Berlin, inside Kreuzberg, the most creative and alternative district of the German capital, the Fahrrad Kaffee Lokal A.Horn is a perfect mix between a typical Berlin cafe and a fully equipped alternative workshop for those who love to ride. A must see!

Standert Bike Café

Just as the district that houses it, the Mitte district, one of the oldest in the city, Standert could only be one of the first Bike Cafe fate in Berlin. Visit it and breathe the atmosphere of a city always in evolution!

Steel Vintage Bike Café

Between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate there is a happy little island that is called Steel Vintage Bike Café. Vintage accessories, tasty vegetarian food and comfortable leather armchairs where you can sink and enjoy a moment of relaxation, surrounded by historical racing bikes, rigorously Made in Italy. Need anything else?

The Gentle Jaunt Bike Café

Less than two kilometers from the East Side Gallery, at 20 Simon-Dach-Straße is the Genlte Jaunt, probably the most fascinating bike café in Berlin. Absolutely to visit and to live, at least for the time to have a drink!