Fixed Orange Edition

Fixed bicycles were born in velodromes for agonistic purpouse, but today this kind of bike has become a real status symbol, above all in big metropolitan cities where fashion runs fast and fixed bikes bikes are a real cult object. Their main features are the single speed transmission and “naked” set up.


Components and Accessories used in this Set-up


  • Frame (Cod. Catalog TE01N53)
  • Wheels (Cod. Catalog RFIXED70N)
  • Stem (Cod. Catalog PIA74O)
  • Sti post (Cod. Catalo RE74O)
  • Brake levers (Cod. Catalog LE74O)
  • Brakes (Cod. Catalog FR74O)
  • Chain adjuster star (Cod. Catalog TE11O)
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