“Giuseppina” is the name of this cute city bike that smells like Dolce Vita,designed by Matteo Nuzzi: vintage frame, retrò design, elegant details, and … the pleasure of riding in the middle of a cult movie Made in Italy in the sixties or the seventies, where…YOU are the main character!


Components and Accessories used in this Set-up


  • Steel Frame America (Cod. Catalog TE52G)
  • Brooks Saddle Cambium (Cod. Catalog SE19N)
  • Brooks Bar-Tape in Leather (Cod. Catalog BR90N)
  • Boulevard Front Carrier (Cod. Catalog POR87)
  • Carter New 2017
  • Siviglia Handlebar (Cod. Catalogo MA09S)
  • Wooden Basket New 2017
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