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Caschi ciclismo BRN Arrow Professional - Occhiali fototech BRN Arrow

The new range of BRN brand helmets is created for the most demanding cyclists seeking innovation, technology, and design.

The 2016 opens with the new flagship model ARROW.

Highly compact, safe and streamlined, ARROW is the top of BRN Helmets range. It is built around a “skeleton”, which has been shaped the EPS shell. Polycarbonate Inserts complete the structure that is particularly resistant to shocks. Arrow helmets has passed all the crash tests to obtain approval EN1078. Thanks to the lightness of its 215 grams and excellent internal ventilation ducts, forget you are wearing something on your head. The fit has a retention system adjustable both on neck girth and on the circumference, the adjustment can be done with just one hand even while cycling. The visor conveys effectively the air inside the large openings on the front and can be removed easily.

CLOUD, ENDO and WEAVE are still avaiable on our catalogue:

The highest production standards combine with captivating design to create a product that is sturdy, beautiful, and light weight. Thanks to IN-MOULD construction technology, EPS moulding processes, and PC / PVC plastic injection, we have created a helmet that is extremely resistant to impact while also being incredibly light weight. Each helmet comes equipped with an insect net, a padded chin strap, and antibacterial and breathable pads. The size adjustment mechanism can be operated with just one hand, so that you never have let go of the handlebars for even a moment.

CLOUD, weighing 220 grams, is a helmet created for those who want the utmost in technology, comfort, and design at the right price. It has 24 openings for ventilation, designed with the aerodynamic “AIR FLOW DESIGN” system which channels air into the helmet, providing a fresh and regular flow. It remains solidly placed on the head thanks to the “ROLL FIT-SIDE ADJUSTMENT” anti-slip system, which allows for regulation of the circumference and perfect placement on the occipital bone. It comes with a tinted visor that easily snaps into place and is available in four different matte colors.

ENDO, designed for mountain biking enthusiasts, is sturdy, high performance, and extremely well ventilated. It will offer protection on even the most unexplored trails. The shape of its visor has been specifically studied to channel air into the large frontal openings, even at low speeds like those experienced when pedaling uphill. The antibacterial lining provides comfort even on long rides. It is available in three different matte colors.

WEAVE, is a helmet thought to satisfy the needs of every cyclist: light weight, compact, and sturdy, it is available on the market at a truly competitive price. Its cover has air channels which, thanks to the “AIR FLOW DESIGN” system, give it characteristics unique to top of the line helmets. It comes in both glossy and matte finishes and includes the “ROLL FIT-SIDE ADJUSTMENT” regulation system.

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