Turn your desire of riding into a unique experience


Riding is even more beautiful with MyBike! Now in the BRN stores you can create the bike of your dreams, unique, customized, with your name, the colors and the accessories that better reflect your style. You can choose among 6 frames, designed in the most authentic and traditional way, 26 variations of colors and 6000 components to fully set free your creativity and imagination, with an infinite range of possible combinations. Discover all the possible customizations visiting the website and choose the mix of accessories and components closer to your feeling: MyBike is conceived to turn your desire of riding into a unique experience!

Choose your kit. Then the color. Pick the handle bar, the knobs and the basket. Mount the saddle, combine the lights, inflate the tires. Choose BRN. The kit BRN MyBike gives you the opportunity to create bike of your dreams starting from a set of high quality components, available in different colors, in order to add something more to your passion for bikes. The catalog MyBike includes 6 different frames, available in 26 different colors, that you can customize choosing among a range of 6000 components available in the BRN catalog.


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