CIGNO is synonym of locks since always.

The brand was created in 1952 by Placido Dalla Pace, founder of the namesake company, which was leader in the market of metal stamping.
The CIGNO locks got immediately a significant spread in the Bicycle accessories market, thanks to a high standard of quality and the maximum attention to details.
To keep these special features, it has always been necessary to handcrafted the locks, using a significant specialized labor, so that in 2005 the resulting high costs convinced Dalla Pace S.r.l. to interrupt the production.
Today, the brand and the production of CIGNO have been acquired by Marco and Gianluca Bernardi, with the aim to relaunch, in a market saturated with Asian products, a historical item related to the Italian bicycle parts industry, combining classicism and innovation to satisfy even the most attentive customer to quality and reliability.