BRN Village, the first Village entirely dedicated to the Bike Culture.

70,000 m2 of green for public use, cycle paths, pump tracks, dirt jumps and a bike cafe merge with the new of BRN Bike Parts’ headquarter.

Work has begun on the construction of the BRN Village, the first village entirely dedicated to the world of cycling and wellness in Italy. An area of ​​about 70,000 m2 located in the heart of Romagna, in Forlimpopoli, half an hour far from Rimini and the Adriatic Coast. The area where the Village will rise is an historic industrial spot first created in the ‘60s, closed at the beginning of the 2000s and by then become a symbol of neglect, decay and abandonment. Today this area returns to the city with a redevelopment project integrated with the territory, open to the public, combining economy, environment, leisure time, sport and well-being.

The Production Area

BRN Bike Parts – Italian leading company in the distribution of bicycle components and accessories, with over 2,500 shops in the country and over 500 in Europe – has chosen to invest in the region by building its new operational headquarter: a 15,500 m2 building that will feature a new automatic warehouse and a new directional space for the 60 employees. The new headquarter will be one of the structures that will be active in the BRN Village, where people will find also 1 educational center for children road education, 2 Pump Tracks, 1 Dirt Jump line, a Bike Café and a “Cyclist Plaza”.

The Park

The BRN Village will be a Public Park first. An uncertain and abandoned area for almost 20 years, transformed into a large park-village of 70,000 m2 dedicated to cycling and healthy lifestyles, returned to the community with over 500 new plantings and a cycle / pedestrian path of almost 2 linear km that connects the park to the other cycle paths from the urban center.

In this area there will be 4 tracks dedicated to cyclists of today and tomorrow. The first track that visitors will find walking inside the BRN Village will be the training course track in rubberised surface designed for civic and road education. This track will be available for all organizations and schools in the area, that will also be allowed to hold lessons about the theoretical aspects of road bike riding.

The second set of tracks will feature 2 Pump Tracks – technical routes for Mountain Bike and Freestyle – for a total of 342 linear meters and one development. This represents by today the biggest Pumptrack Area in Italy with an overall area of 3200 m2. Finally, a 4th plant with a double dirt jump line 80 m long and 2 m high, where riders will be able to enjoy and jump within 4 different funbox.

A 560 m2 Bike Café with 100 indoor and 100 outdoor seats will be built a few steps from the tracks, which will only supply food and drinks for health and sport, 100% biological and linked to the territory. A place to celebrate healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, in which organic, functional and healthy foods produced by Buon Food – BRN business unit operating in the Sport & Health Food market – will also be available.

BRN Village

Via Amendola, 47034 Forlimpopoli FC, Italy | Stay tuned, ride on….