New BRN Magnetic III Helmets
In the wake of Future!

The new BRN Magnetic III Helmets is a combination of technology and design developed to maximize the performance and safety of the cyclist. The innovative design creates an air flow that passes through the cap and keeps the inner helmet ventilated, enhancing the aerodynamic properties and maximizing the comfort.

The elements that make this helmet different from most of the other available on the market are surely the 3 magnets on the clip in / out lens which allow a rapid plug and release that do not require the aid of any type of pocket or pouch: the lenses are dropped from the front of the helmet and hang up at the top, with a simple, functional gesture that allows you to keep both hands on the handlebars and controls just for a moment.

The lens is constructed with anti-scratch technology high UV protection.

The helmet is equipped with a modern Head Lock 4 Adjustment technology that optimizes the fit and is suitable for any type of cranial shape.

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