Cigno La Bicicletta

Elegance in motion

Cigno was set up in Treviso, Veneto, in the ’50s as a bicycle lock manufacturer. In 2006, the company was taken over by the Bernardi brothers who had a clear and ambitious plan for relaunching the brand: to exploit their many years of experience in the bicycle sector to create a unique and inimitable bicycle. Thanks to this approach, the first collection of high-end Cigno bikes came out in 2007, and immediately impressed the market with their modern take of a retro style as well as the fact that they are completely hand-assembled by Italian artisans with painstaking attention to detail, ensuring that each bike is a one-off.

Hitherto, the high-end products in cycling had been limited to racing and competition bikes; the Cigno collection meets the needs of discerning consumers looking for original, high-performance products that set trends rather than follow them, while never going out of fashion. These bicycles are simple and charming in their retro style, beautiful to look at but functional in their design, making them the ideal choice for people who want to travel around the town, seaside or countryside with a flourish of style.

More than a means of transport, the Cigno models are truly objects of desire as the high level of craftsmanship means a limited production and each bicycle is numbered. The frame is made of high quality tempered steel, enhanced by a thick chrome plating done entirely by hand and by careful welds, decorated with 50s-style joints. The latest generation accessories on the bicycle are made entirely of aluminium and recall the originals while helping to maintain the bike light so it is smooth and agile to ride. The leather is crafted with artisan skill: from the prestigious Brooks saddle and handlebar grips which have inner padding to ensure a particularly comfortable and pleasant hold.

The Original Cigno lock, located on the rear wheel, and the stylish chrome newspaper-holder that further embellish the bikes are elements recovered by the Bernardi Brothers from the original 1950s patents. The clean lines and the absence of unnecessary frills make the Cigno bicycle especially elegant, a perfect vintage-future fusion, simple yet unique with incomparable charm.

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