13 Nov Viasat

Viasat, the invisible GPS anti-theft for your bicycle

ViaSat Lock is the new frontier of security to counteract the thieves of bicycles! Distributed exclusively in the Italian market by BRN, ViaSat Lock is equipped with GPS, connected to a mobile application and to the ViaSat Operations Center, it works as anti-theft with H24 service of assistance and recovery.

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How it works


Place your ViaSat on your bicycle (nel catalogo è scritto bibycle!); activate ViaSat lock via app, every time you want to protect your parked bike. You can track your bike through the application; receive assistance from ViaSat Operations Center in case of theft and you can add person and vehicle assistance services in case of accident with the bike.


Main Features


  • Localization with location tracking functions with an error of less than 5 meters
  • Control through a smartphone application
  • Assistance in case of theft: the ViaSat Operations Centre informs and coordinates law enforcements for the recovery
  • SOS Phone: emergency call to ViaSat Operations Center via app
  • Discreet Design: the device is compact and lightweight. It isn’t visible from outside. It doesn’t alter the bicycle’s design and thieves do not notice its presence
  • Insurance against theft: Possibility to stipulate a special policy (coming soon)


Antifurto GPS per bici Viasat

Assistance Service


Assistance from Viasat operation Center

  • Geo-locator emergency call
  • Localization and traceability after the robbery


Assistance in case of accidents with bicycle (optional)

  • Transport of the bicycle at home
  • Re-entry cover cost with subsitute mean of transport (train or plane)


Personal assistance (optional)

  • Sending of a doctor at home
  • Tranfer to an equipped hospital center


See ViaSat on page 266 and 267 of the BRN 2019 Catalogue 

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